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Bingo Loto – Estonia Lotto Review


BINGO LOTOIn the past few years, Bingo Loto has gained considerable popularity due to the fact that it has given the opportunity for a person to win thousands of Euros by paying a few Euros. What makes it popular? Where does this Loto start and who started it? The Bingo Loto is one popular game in Europe and is actually another name for the famous game Eurojackpot. What is this lotto game about?


What is this Game?

The European Jackpot is actually a relatively new game created by different countries in order to rival EuroMillion. The game is also known as Keno Loto or Eesti Loto. This popular game, which is also known as Bingo Loto, is so popular that some game creator even invented a game with the same name for Android phones. However, the question is what is European bingo all about?

This game Eurojackpot  is a relatively new transnational lottery game in Europe that was launched in the third month of the year 2012. In June 2012, a total of eight countries have participated in this transnational game. In February of 2013, this line up increased by six more. Today, the participating countries include Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Latvia, Norway, Lithuania, Spain, Slovenia and Sweden.

The number of participants will unquestionably increase due to the fact that the pot money starts at around 10 million Euros and can get higher up to 90 million Euros. Imagine the cost of each playing line is just 2 Euros, for those who are aiming to win; they are going against 60 million people.


Who can win?

How can someone win this game of chance? The goal of the game is relatively easy, but the gamer will need all the luck in the world to match five numbers, correct numbers, out of fifty. In addition to two other numbers, which are supplementary out of a set of eight numbers. In order to keep the authenticity of the game and avoid any problem, the group decided to draw the numbers in Helsinki every Friday at 9pm and then the winning tickets will be evaluated in the countries of Denmark and Germany.

The game was proposed a long time ago in order to compete with EuroMillions. This single national lottery offered higher jackpots and was an instant success. This urges Finland, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Slovenia to build their own system of international Lottery.

The very first draw took place in Helsinki last March 23, 2012 and has been providing a one in sixty million chances for 10 million Euros. In order to participate in this game, the gamer must be a resident of the participating countries.


The Bingo Loto is similar to the Viking Loto which is conducted in the countries of Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Lithuania and Latvia. The EuroMillions game, on the other hand, is for the people of Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Spain.